Saturday, 17 October 2009

The strange, lonely and troubling death of Jan Moir's career

The news of the death of Jan Moir's integrity was hardly shocking. The ridicule of yet another Daily Mail article in recent days just adds to the pointlessness of the bigotd newspaper.

Through the recent travails and sad of the Daily Mail's deeply ficticious cancer vaccine reports, readers know to expect the least of this despicable extreme right-wing rag - particularly if the so-called journalists are incapable of offering an appropriate apololgy.

There are hundreds of sick-minded Daily Mail contributors, from both past and present.

Richard Littlejohn, Melanie Phllips, Peter Hitchens, Julie Burchill, Norman Tebbit, we all know who they are. And we are not being ghoulish to anticipate, or to be mentally braced for, their bad end: a long night, a mysterious stranger, we can herald a sudden death.

In the morning, Jan Moir's apology has already turned cold, as her feigned sympathies reach out to touch an icy celebrity shoulder. It is not exactly a new storyline, is it?

In fact, it is rather depressingly familiar. But somehow we should always expect it of the Daily Mail. No sincere apologies. Not even from Paul Dacre.

In the witch-hunting environs of Associated Newspapers, Jan Moir is one of many hypocritical writers. Her raison d'etre at the Mail stable is to be the token Glenda Slagg...

"What is this I see before me? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it mad old Madge auditioning for a role in Curse Of The Mummy's Tomb - The Viagra Years? Whatever it is, I do wish it would disappear. Now.

Just like the birds that flew into the US Airways plane over New York last week, Madonna is beginning to smell distinctly of cooked goose.

Hardly a week goes by without some tragic new photographs of the half-naked 50-year-old being unleashed upon the long-suffering public."

- Jan Moir, 22nd Jan 2009, Daily Mail.

"Isn't she [Madonna] looking marvellous? Give or take a bulging vein or two.
And the older she gets, the more I admire mad Madge, despite the ever-present Kabbalah weirdness and general preposterousness.

At an age when many women are happy to take a nap with their cats or plant hollyhocks of an evening, she is out there shaking her bot in big girl pants and not giving a damn.

She runs her business and lives her life exactly as she pleases. She is properly awesome."

- Jan Moir, 21st Aug 2009, Daily Mail.

Moir came out as a bigot in 2009 after discovering that thousands of internet users planned to submit complaints to the PCC on her sickening homophobic article in the Daily Mail newspaper.

Although she was effectively smoked out of the closet, she has been hailed by a tiny handful of Mail readers as a champion of gay-bashing.

At this time, Moir is worried that the revelations might end her career as a columnist, and she received an overwhelmingly hostile response from thousands of people worldwide, some of them being Stephen Gately fans, some of them having no time for Boyzone or any other boy band, yet united in a comdemnation of disgustingly inaccurate homophobic articles from a past-it harpy.

Based on the homophobic and factually questionable Daily Mail article by Jan Moir, 17th Oct 2009.


Brpwrdnsfrnzy said...

Very good. :-)

Ashesinsomniac said...

Haha. Good stuff, check out for a similar giggle...

Nic said...

Love it, nice one PP

Mike Kazybrid and Andrew Wooding said...

Jan Moir's article is one of the most disgusting things I have ever read. Remember Glenda Slag from Private Eye? (geddit)

AndrewJK said...
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AndrewJK said...

Prodge, you know nothing. I read the Daily Mail every day. Sure there are articles you treat with skepticism and some columnists I ignore. Norman Tebbit was my MP and is a man of integrity unlike the lot we have in power now, who I expect you voted in.

Peter Hitchens has written some fantastic articles and books on the destruction of Britain by the evil liberal-left estblishment.

No wonder you got banned from DS, you spouted a load of crap on there too!

Prodge said...

AndrewJK, I can well believe you read the Daily Mail every day.

Mr Straightman said...

I too read the Daily Mail every day. Suck it up.