Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Lee James Turnock doesn't like me very much

Underground cartoonist Lee James Turnock hasn't taken to some of my criticism of him.

He says he will no longer publish my comments where I link to some things "written several years ago".

That's a shame. For a man who keeps whining on about how he's been "bullied off" a comedy forum, I thought it would be great to show the other side him, just for the sake of balance.

So, he won't be endorsing my posting of this report of him in The Sunday Times two years ago...

Another prolific DSMO contributor is Lee James Turnock, 38, from Northampton, who was banned from the forum last year but had previously been the third most prolific commentator, using the pseudonym Jimmy Vespa. In one comment "Vespa" proposed reopening a Nazi concentration camp for celebrities to allow the singers Christina Aguilera, Geri Halliwell and Lily Allen to be beaten "with bike chains, bricks, hammers and mallets".

Turnock last week insisted that his "trolling days are over", adding: "Sometimes when you are in an internet forum with like-minded people it is easy to fall into the mindset that this is normal and you are not hurting anyone.

"I thought that it was getting too extreme by the end. The comments were not meant to be taken seriously and if I have hurt anyone I want to apologise."


Mr Straightman said...

My trolling days are over, yours obviously aren't.

Why the about-turn on Rik Mayall?
This thread will explain it all.

Now go back to wanking tearfully over Sally James.

Prodge said...

Thanks for writing a comment to announce that you no longer troll.

Thanks also for ending it with: "Now go back to wanking tearfully over Sally James."

The purpose of my blog entry was to expose your jaw-dropping hypocrisy. You've done the work for me.

Mr Straightman said...

I may be a hypocrite but you are a Stewart Lee fan.
Get out of that one, Rommel!

Prodge said...

Stewart Lee > You.

Brpwrdnsfrnzy said...

Who is this bloke Pete? He comes across as a monstrous tool.

HippyChick said...

Another example of one of the less direct ways I may have been targeted this week perhaps??? I far as I can see it you both continue to troll online as well as bully in the most cowardice form without a thought for any specific consequences.

Prodge said...

Read the blog entry again and you'll see it's very much ANTI-trolling. I don't troll, I don't bully and I'm certainly no coward - unlike the tragic individual who is targeting you.

I hold controversial opinions, but not every controversial opinion counts as trolling.

There's a sharp difference between "Ed Sheeran's music makes me want vomit up my spine" and "I hope Ed Sheeran gets AIDS and dies!!!!". I'd say the former, but wouldn't say the latter*. Criticism isn't necessarily bullying/trolling.

I'm baffled that anyone would accuse me of trolling or bullying. It speaks volumes that any examples of this have yet to surface.

I suspect that tragic individual targeting you isn't so much concerned about what I'm saying, than concentrating on making your life a misery. I certainly haven't been approached by anyone like that.

What with us having been split up for nearly half a year, that tragic individual's threats don't actually hold any value at all.

And... if this tragic individual is reading this, I'm willing to hear from you, maybe in person.

I've faced anonymous threats in the past, but I've always refused to let them intimidate me. I keep records, I'll involve the police where necessary or even just do the detective work myself. I've managed to uncover a few anonymous trolls taking pot-shots at me, and they scuttle off when they discover I've got their details. It's especially rewarding when I can cite the laws they've broken.

If you've got any electronic records of any threats, I'd be happy to take a look if you want.

* = Hmm, I guess technically I have said it here of course, but of course it's a made-up example of something I would disown.

HippyChick said...

A "made up" example???

Prodge said...

Yes. Something I wouldn't say for real.

HippyChick said...

So you think I made this up??? You need to think very carefully with regards to the fall out of you cause to those you claim you 'cherish' from your "controversial opinions"

Prodge said...

When I said "made up", I was referring specifically to the second quote about Ed Sheeran. This is why I used the asterisk to reference it. Certainly not an attack on you, not in the slightest.

HippyChick said...

"I certainly haven't been approached by anyone like that" Well as long as you're ok and you and can continue to brush off any effects of your out spoken views onto those you claim to care for!!! You really have no idea of the hurt you have caused now and repeatedly in the past... Flabbergasted really doesn't cover how I feel at your total lack of empathy!!! I'm simply disgusted

HippyChick said...

Being a prick on the internet because you can. Typically unleashing one or more cynical or sarcastic remarks on an innocent by-stander, because it's the internet and, hey, you can.
Guy: "I just found the coolest ninja pencil in existence."
Other Guy: "I just found the most retarded thread in existence." SOURCE: Urban dictionary

Prodge said...

The effects of my outspoken views? No.

Someone is being a dick to you. Hold them to account and stop blaming anyone else for it.

I do carry a lot of empathy on this. The attacks have been designed to strike fear into you, and I'm interested in uncovering who is behind them. I've offered to help, but you've not approached me about that.

That tragic individual appears to be breaking the law in more than one way. I only know the basic details, but a prosecution (or at least a caution) could be secured. Have you approached the police about this? I'm willing to assist.

HippyChick said...

Always one to never accept responsibility.

Prodge said...

I cannot accept responsibility for an action carried out by someone who..

1) isn't me
2) wants to attack you
3) wants to attack me

HippyChick said...

Having witnessed, let alone experienced the consequences of your repeated online trolling, bullying and its effect on others I'm simply appalled with your actions once more!!! Your lack of empathy shown I find quite disturbing however no surprise

Prodge said...

I don't do trolling or bullying.

I've already expressed my empathy, outlining how I've wanted to help.

I'm quite tired of being inaccurately slated here.

If you received anonymous threats on say (for example), how your daughter dressed, would you...
1) tell your daughter to dress in a way the threatener would approve of
2) tell the threatener to sod off, live your life, and report the threats appropriately.

Why you allow your life to be shaped by a sadistic abuser is beyond me, but it's clear that nothing I say here can help you. Only you can do something about it, and you're refusing all help. Seriously, go to the police.

HippyChick said...

I've witnessed personally your trolling and online bullying myself!!! The only sadistic abuser I'm aware of is you and your continued abuse online of others. You can live in total denial if you so which however I won't live in your shadow.

A week in which a child proudly posts something related to his father whom having been diagnosed with PTSD you mock and slate his work.

Remind me what did your father do that made you feel proud of???

A clear example of how the bullied became the bully if you ask me!!!

Prodge said...

This really is an exercise of misinterpretation.

My recent response on Facebook related to the hypocrisy of military supporters slating the England football team for failing in their mission, which comes in the wake of Iraq plunging into even worse chaos. PTSD was not cited or even alluded to by myself, I would not go there and that's not on.

It wasn't "his work", it was actually produced by a BNP splinter group already heavily condemned for hostility. In face, he even acknowledged this group (and rightfully disowned them).

Also, I do remember some of your personal descriptions of the PTSD sufferer in question, and how they certainly didn't put him in a positive light.

What I engaged in was a legitimate political discussion, not trolling.

Here are some examples (not written by me,but I've edited with asterisks) that many people would call trolling...

"Nahhh don't ever try and speak to me again, both of you's are dead to me. C***S"

"f**k off you dick head"

"Wonder if any of the lads you've been f**king have said happy birthday? Wait they probably don't even remember your name "

"Going to throw a f**king knife out of my window and hope it kills the wining f**king dog next door"

"You are a pathetic f**k"

What do you make of these public outbursts? Would you endorse them? Would you have a word with the authors of them?

As regards to my father, I have very few proud moments from him.

I do remember him literally pounding the hell out of someone who attempted to abuse me. Not so much 'proud', but when an abuser gets his just desserts, I feel less shit about the world.

It's things like that, which have shaped my ethos. I like to stick up for vulnerable. I like to call people out on their abuse. I'm very critical of groups like the EDL and the BNP, and think their supporters should really come to their senses.

Far from being a troll, I'm very much an anti-troll.

HippyChick said...

Once a troll, always a troll... the angry man I always hated is back in full force!!! As far as "your friends" are concerned I'm of the opinion they're as bad as you and the pack ethos of bullying disguists me.

I'm ashamed to have been associated with, which is a far cry for making excuses for your appalling behavior towards an innocent child.

How many footballers have limbs blown off during a game? There is simply no comparison to the work of a soldier fighting in battle detemined by politics does. Nor does the salary.

Show some respect!!!

This isn't the only issue I've had to deal with due to your trolling, however it is the closest to my heart.

A wise man would realise that this has cost him dearly, you however sink your teeth into more mental masterbation.

I have no more excuses to make on your behalf. This is not an exercise in misinterpretation its simply the angry frustrated man inside of you breaking out once more.

Prodge said...

I see you've found time to condemn my legitimate anti-war opinion (shared by many) but not enough to pass a verdict on those five profanity-laden tweets.

I'll ask again - do you endorse their content? Would you ever take issue with the people who wrote them?

HippyChick said...

Given the owner of said animal is being prosecuted for one of the attacks on a child, the fact the dog is permanently chained up (which I believe to be neglect) to prevent further attacks. The continual whining and barking inflicts distress whilst in earshot of said animal and as a human being I assume the distress caused to be of more concern to myself. I'd appreciate it if you chose not to stalke my daughters twitter account for ammunition to throw at me and to judge. Your thoughts and feelings are no longer any concern of mine as having proved mine were never any concern of you...

Three years was such a waste, not so much on you yourself but the false pretence I was what you desired... I am now perfectly aware of the contempt you truly felt for me all along...

Prodge said...

Hypocrisy isn't welcome in my life.

Prodge said...

You can be a truly wonderful person, but I have no idea what has caused you to behave like this.

You completely ignore the context around my online writing and then suddenly it's an asset that demands recognition when it's your family.

Looking at publicly accessible tweets is "stalking", although it's a term you wouldn't use when you practice it.

I wrote my opinion on the military based on the very obvious failure of Iraq and Afghanistan, in the same week ISIS made Iraq a hell-hole. Nothing abusive about it, no childish taunting or profane insults.

Treat everyone fairly - same rules for everyone. Know your own failings and deal with them before judging others.

You can't slate someone massively in private and then hail them as a hero publicly, that is pure double standards.

Don't lecture people on kindness when you're using terms like "blond sket" in your conversations.

If you were truly against trolling, you'd adjust your own behaviour and that of those close to you.

HippyChick said...

Who do you imagine I've stalked??? Talk about double standards coming from the man who very recently hunted out as many details as possible of the hair dresser in Stoney Stratford who liked his Facebook picture. Is that not stalking???

I've never hailed anyone a hero, since when do the troops on the ground decide where or which conflicts to fight???

Any private slating has been done so on the basis of the treatment of a dear friend. His recent diagnosis goes a long way in explaining his poor behavior and how he treats those around him.

As an adult I can choose freely what ever description I chooseto describe something, someone or any situation. Being deliberately unkind simply in my nature. Why else would you believe I'm so often taken advantage of???

Speaking of which I was nothing more than kind, helpful and suppotive towards you...

The issues as discussed did not only relate to your petty Facebook comments time and time again towards that particular individual. Yet you choose to apportion all the blame there. As usual I believe it was nothing more than attention seeking, to hurt someone close to me and insist your narcissistic are correct

I very rarely judge others, I'm in no position to, given my poor health and life situation and lifestyle.

I can not control how those close to me manage their public profiles. Is this another example of double standards against freedom of speech???

I'm worn out by the situation as a whole, heavily medicated
The narcissistic side to your personaity al

HippyChick said...

always believes you to be right and you are simply incapable of agreeing to disagree.

I've explained myself enough. It was hard enough being accountable for you whilst we were together, I won't be now we're apart.

Prodge said...

If you genuinely believe that I go round think I'm always right, then you seriously do not know me at all well.

I go through life with utter anguish at the fact that I don't get things right all the time.

As for the freedom of speech issue, I fully recognise everyone is allowed to have a difference of opinion.

I say stuff a lot of people agree with. I also say stuff a lot of people disagree with. I'm accountable for what I write, I do a lot more fact-checking than most and there are occasions where I retract things when proven wrong.

The best thing for anyone to do when they disagree with something I've written online, is to respond to it online, and use facts and reason to state their case in a rational manner.

Debates are far more productive than abuse or a display of anger.

Prodge said...

We've been apart since mid-February.

Not sure why you had to react like you had to hold responsibility for my views, and am baffled at why anyone 'offended' would go to you over them. Why are they doing this? The comments box has a purpose.

One Facebook friend didn't like what I wrote, and he said so in the comments, stating his case. That's the right way to go about things.

I don't think any of my friends would start wagging their finger at me if, say, Monique said something controversial.

HippyChick said...

"Hypocrisy isn't welcome in my life"


"Going to throw a f**king knife out of my window and hope it kills the wining f**king dog next door"

You push for me to condone a comment I was neither aware about nor wrote

Yet you find time to send me a text in which you claimed to have laughed at the particular tweet...

You have me somewhat confused, slightly hypocritical perhaps???

With regards to my ex. husband has no interest in my life nor my that of our children, fact...

All matters of contact and abuse made to me have now been dealt with and I'm satisfactory with their conclusion...

With regards to the Monique comment is that a non sequitur argument to blow smoke over the issue here???

I hope you appreciate just how much you really hurt my feelings over the past few weeks
This particular statement from your twitter account is completely unforgivable...

Now realising that I was never loved.

5:37 PM - 25 Jun 2014

After everything I've done to help and support you over the past 3 years or so...

Take a look at the clothes you are wearing, right now. I bet I bought most of them from head to foot...

Take a look round your flat at almost every stick of furniture I provided you with... Everything from the bed you sleep in at night to the desk and chair you choose to further criticise me online...

You make me out as a monster, thank you for that...

Mr Straightman said...

Judging from the above comments, you're a pretty nasty piece of work, aren't you, young Peter?
You've had the desired effect. I am no longer posting on Twitter. I bet that makes you feel ten feet tall.
I feel sorry for you.

Louis Barfe said...

It's all about you, Mr Straightman, isn't it?

Mr Straightman said...

Yes, it's always about me. Who else would it be about? I get torn to pieces by a jumped-up pretentious berk on a blog, do I not have a right to defend myself? Or am I just one of 'the little people' to you?

Peter Thomas said...

It's quite telling that all the people who had a go at me in the comments here, have had their hypocrisy and lies exposed. And they have difficulty facing up to that.

I've never said I'm above criticism, but if you want to slate me or my friends for perceived wrong-doings, ensure you're not doing even worse things.