Sunday, 2 July 2017


I wasn't happy this time last week, due to a campaign of abuse and defamation directed at me, but now things have gone almost 180°. Filing the malicious communications to the police was reassuring, they confirmed I did the right thing and my solicitor has also vindicated the actions I've taken. The person targeting me (and their two associates) would be best advised to forget about their vendetta.

Most important has been the immense support from the comedy scene. Loads of comedians, promoters and venue owners have been very helpful indeed. A number of folk who have also been targeted in the past, have been great at lending their support.

I've never asked for help, never asked anyone to take my side. What I love about the comedy scene is that self-policing is the order of the day. 99% of the people in it are supportive, there isn't a situation like that anywhere else. Even Disney movies don't have that proportion of pleasantness.

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