Thursday, 1 June 2006

"Look, I put a pit bull terrier next to a baby and took a photo!"

MySpace is commonly abused by the hard-of-thinking for many ill-advised agendas. Like that crap folk singer who sings about the previously unknown concept of flower-donning punk rockers (surely the most lyrically incorrect hit since Alanis Morrisette's 'Ironic', and similarly annoying). Oh, and missing persons alerts, virus warnings, etc, which nobody ever seems to check to see if they're genuine. The potentials for a hoax are enormous.

If that weren't bad enough, there's the ever-increasing presence of "this MySpace user was killed a few days ago" messages, which sparked off from a genuine incident, although, to be honest, why not just leave the grieving to friends and families of the bereaved?

Today I have witnessed what is quite possibly the most retarded political petition ever.

Unknown to me, it appears that a mayor in California wants to pass a law that would require all pit-bull terrier dogs to be put down. Lovely stuff. I obviously don't live in California, and it'll never affect me, so I'd love to sign a petition in favour of ridding the world of these nuisance animals.

Unfortunately, the message came to me via a bulletin in which we were asked to pledge support AGAINST this new law. Which is never going to get my support, I'm a cat person. You don't get cats humping your leg, they don't chew the furniture, and they don't constantly bug you. Oh, and they know where to defecate. Canines always seem to be missing a few brain cells, social skills and a hygiene element.

Now, some schmuck has set up a website trying to gain sympathy for their luvvly cuddly ickle cootsy wootsy killer dogs' plight. The website - - invites owners of dangerous dogs to send in photos of their pet, with the stipulation that there should be a caption mentioning the word "SORRY", as if the dog is apologising for the reputation it has.

The bulletin came to me with various images from the site, clearly made by people with the creative skills of a wet moth. I don't condone computer viruses normally, but if there was one to wipe out MS Paint on people's PCs, it'd get my support.

Tugging at the heart-strings, plenty of these photos showed treasured pets positioned conveniently next to the owners, and in some cases, small children and babies. Yes, great idea guys, get a potentially lethal animal and stick it next to a baby.

Still going for your hearts, the campaign site photos usually have the dog in a calm sedate pose, and gaining bonus points for being wide-eyed like a cutesy wutesy Japanese cartoon character. Aw! It's a sweet ickle pit bull! It means no-one any harm!

This is the kind of schmaltzy crud I'm on about...

I don't know about you, but anyone who places a deadly animal next to a baby is asking to be dressed in the next season's Strait-jacket Collection by Westwood.

Now, don't get me wrong. Not all pit-bull terriers are vicious cold-hearted killers. In fact, I work in an office with one that often wonders in, and it's really gentle, it's like a cat, only with very poor hygiene and an attention seeking complex.

Would I want to see them all destroyed? Not quite. I do have to question the sanity of whoever breeds or buys them, as, objectively, these are potentially killer animals - what is the point of owning one? I think it's small penis syndrome, like gun-owning nutters. You don't need it, but it makes you look hard! Yeah! Isn't that cool?

As I speak, the poor ickle doggy-woggy bulletin is winging round MySpace, being forwarded on by very naive folks. (I must say goodbye to the two people who have deleted me from their friends list due to objecting to babies being placed next to killer dogs, how nasty of me.)

The website continues to invite pit-bull-related pictures for display on their site.

Well, I do have a picture for their campaign and anybody who agrees with it. Just two seconds in Google, a hit of my PrtScrn button, and I have this...

Yep, just reinforcing the point that these dogs aren't that innocent at all. I do speak from experience - a schoolfriend was scarred for life across his body after his dog turned on him.

"Oh, but he must have been taunting him, pit-bulls do that when under attack" is a common excuse used by the defenders of dangerous dogs, which I've seen on web forums where the proposed California law is under fire. Well, in this case, no. What brought it on was hot weather. Just that, nothing else. Think about that if you're currently setting up your Kodak to get a nice piccy of Tyson sitting next to Junior.

Now, where does this madness end? What is the point in owning any breed of dangerous dog? They don't make you tough. They are tough, not the owner. Why not just get a normal dog? Far more photogenic, and the baby-savaging rates are quite low.

Better still, get a cat. Cats are the dogs bollocks, if you excuse the irony.

Hang on, I feel a change of heart. I'm thinking of starting a new crusade, with the aim to be even more absurd and moronic than Are you ready for this?

I'm gonna buy me a tiger, starve it for three days, and let it out in the streets for walkies. When the authorities turn up to destroy it, I'll be on the internet as quick as a flash, (because online petitions are highly respected and always work) uploading photos of my tiger sitting next to a two year old toddler.

Maybe I should take the photos seperately, and Photoshop them together later. He's starting to lick his lips...


Samantha said...

Though it probably will never matter to you, I am so angry about this blog post.
It's never a good idea to put any dog down next to a small child like that, but to say it's dangerous only because it's a pitbull is criminal. You are right when you say that there is an inherent danger with the baby right there with the animal. I wouldn't take that chance even with a freaking chihuahua. They are dogs and their behavior is not stagnant. If the child makes a sudden move that startles the animal there is a possibility that the animal will react in an animalistic way. Not a breed specific way.
Saying you will sign the petition to outlaw pitbulls in general is what is leading to a genocide of the breed. It means people like me will lose their amazing dog because of the poor management of other pitbull owners. I am a responsible pit owner, and I am an advocate for them. You are allowed to your opinion, no matter how dim, but it's people like you who strike fear into those of us that would love to be able to save the breed. You speak of knowing someone who was scarred by a pit. Well, I know more that have been scarred by labs, shepherds, and toy dogs. You forget that beside the angry sounding name of "pitbull", these are, in fact, dogs, NOT monsters. When handled poorly, they can have the potential to behave quite poorly, and to be dangerous. That is a fact. Those dogs should be dealt with after being given a fair chance.
Don't speak out of both sides of your mouth saying "I know a nice pitbull that comes into the office, blah blah blah" and in the same blog post, say you would ultimately destroy that innocent dog too by grouping it in with the ones that have caused serious destruction due to human negligence. THAT is what happens when people, high on their horses, create and/or support generalized breed specific legislation. Congratulations on being one of the Hitlers against the breed.

Samantha said...

Oops. I forgot a couple other small notes.

Cats, whom you so avidly support, have been known to kill infants by suffocation. They also have been known to cause cat scratch fever in their "unprovoked" attacks against humans. Maybe we should sign bills to have certain breeds of cats outlawed. My dad was scratched by a cat on his arm once, and had to have surgery to get the infection/tumor removed that resulted from the attack. I think that cat was a calico. Let's kill all calicos, right? Or, is that unfair, since you love cats?

Rachel said...

Samantha is right. I grew up with a pit bull and a dalmation. The dalmation was the one that would snap and attack. My pit bull was such a sweetheart that as I got older and my nephews became toddlers, they would share their food with it. It never even growled at anyone. Not once. Yet, because of the terrible reputation thanks to humans, most people feared it. To this day, I've never encountered an animal as sweet as that pit bull was. When it died, I knew I'd never find any other animal like it. I got a chihuahua afterwords, and that thing has attacked at least 12 people. luckily, its too small to do any harm. I'm definitely not a cat person - I've never been scratched up or clawed by any other pets except for cats - but even though cats always scratch or stick onto me with claws digging into my skin, I would never wish for them to be gone. Not a single breed. Pit bulls actually have the same temperament as golden retrievers. They rank 2nd place as the best dogs to have as pets by studies on dogs. The golden retriever is first. But either way, pit bulls are not killers. And they are not tigers, nor even comparable to tigers. You are a discriminator.

Sooze said...

As the owner of a sweet, harmless, loving, friendly pit and a mother of three rowdy kids who are also sweet, harmless, loving and friendly (of course), I find the poor reputation given to the breed by ignorant people such as the author of this post incredibly unfortunate.

Sooze said...

As the owner of a sweet, harmless, loving, friendly pit and a mother of three rowdy kids who are also sweet, harmless, loving and friendly (of course), I find the poor reputation given to the breed by ignorant people such as the author of this post incredibly unfortunate.