Tuesday, 18 May 2010

50 Things More Gothic And Respectable Than Twilight

  1. Rentaghost
  2. A child shining a torch upwards onto their face
  3. Derek Acorah
  4. The Trap Door
  5. Long-forgotten ITV Saturday morning show Ghost Train
  6. An actual ghost train
  7. A lolly stick with "What do ghosts eat for dinner? Spookhetti!" printed on it.
  8. A werewolf glove from a joke shop
  9. The Groovy Ghoulies
  10. Shakespear's Sister
  11. A pair of novelty plastic Halloween fangs from ASDA, 9p
  12. The Amityville Horror and the seven diabolical sequels that followed
  13. The Demon Headmaster
  14. Babylon Zoo
  15. Count Duckula
  16. Secretly keeping your hand hidden behind a door or desk and then making it 'strangle' you as if it's someone else's hand
  17. The Monster Mash
  18. Covering yourself in toilet roll as a cheap mummy costume for Halloween
  19. A rubber bat on a piece of elastic
  20. The Sarah-Jane Adventures
  21. In comic strips, where the main character has an angel and an devil version of himself that give good/evil advice
  22. Plan 9 From Outer Space
  23. That ancient trick where you make your thumb appear detached from your hand
  24. The skeleton baddies in arcade game Golden Axe
  25. Ghostbusters 2
  26. In The Night Garden
  27. The joke "Why didn't the skeleton attend the ball? Because he had nobody to go with"
  28. Evil Michael Knight
  29. Cyndi Lauper
  30. The flaming skulls in Sega arcade game Wonder Boy
  31. Keith Harris & Orville's Messy Monsters game
  32. Any October 31st editions of Whizzer and Chips
  33. Alan Partridge's 'abstract zombie'
  34. The Munsters
  35. Meat Loaf
  36. Caspar the Friendly Ghost
  37. That one from Bananarama dressed as a devil in their video for Venus
  38. The drama segment 'Dark Towers' from BBC Schools programme Look & Read
  39. Dr and the Medics
  40. Shiver and Shake comic
  41. Carry On Screaming
  42. Spray-on cobwebs
  43. Any bored 6 year old girl dressed as a witch for a carnival
  44. TNA wrestler Daffney
  45. Grotbags the witch from Emu's World
  46. Red-and-black striped tights
  47. A badly-rendered drawing of an Iron Maiden album cover on a school exercise book, made by that greasy-haired kid who smells of marzipan
  48. Those novelty eyes-on-springs glasses
  49. Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde
  50. Abbott & Costello meet Frankenstein


Kat Fiction said...

What about Treehouse Of Horror?

HippyChick said...

Pleased to say the whole 'twilight' thing has completely passed me by... Thankfully!!!