Monday, 3 September 2007

Blogging for blog’s sake...

[A little note... This blog post originally appeared on my MySpace blog. It's all about why I decided not to bother blogging there any more, and why MySpace has turned into a stale turd. You'll find me on Facebook these days.]

Apparently I'm supposed to be blogging about something. Well, I don't want to disappoint those who are looking out for a blog from me, so, um, this is it.

Truth to be told, I'm rather tired of keeping this blog up, as it's on MySpace - a service that is rendered nigh-on unusable thanks to so many excrable and inexcusable things...

1) "An unexpected error has occured". This happens so often when I'm using MySpace that the term 'unexpected' really is void.
2) Tom's 'apology' for errors. They nearly always end in "don't e-mail me about this, just wait it out". Yeah, f--king fine, mate! You just sit there on your arse doing sod-all. If people think I'm being ungrateful because MySpace is free, well, get out the inverted commas, because it's only 'free' due to the advertisers. If I was an advertiser on this godawful site, I'd want my money back. The site is utterly poor design-wise anyway!
3) The users. Please please please stop writing pathetic bulletins that end in "pass this on in 5 mins or you will die". Do not ever post up a cut-and-paste checkbox survey that delivers insights such as "[x] Have your ever drunk milk?" or "[x] Ever kissed someone?". And get some f--king co-ordination in check when you attempt to customise your pages. Animated gif backgrounds are so 1990s Geocities!

So, I now announce that my social networking site of choice is of course, Facebook - a website that urinates on MySpace from a great distance. It's tidy, no-one can customise their profiles with gaudy designs, and you can choose the bolt-on applications that are floating about. Tricky to understand at first, but after a week of using it, you'll wonder why you ever bothered with MySpace.

Don't get me started on Bebo, because I won't. The username 'prodge' is already taken up, so I'm not signing up on principle.

Right, this is probably the end of my blog on MySpace, so if you've enjoyed this mixture of topical ranting mixed with a few splashes of self-pitying muse, then I suggest where this blog will reside in future once I can get my arse in gear to migrate all the entries there.

You're best off contacting me through Facebook (search for "Horseshoe Inn" once you've logged in), as I only check MySpace once a week now. Come to think of it, a few of my friends have deleted their accounts due to having seen the light that is Facebook, I may join them soon.

Oh, and before I go, well, I suppose I'd best relate the latest in my tales of personal tragedy, but I can't be arsed. It's not as if the other two blog entries on it were truly worth it. A load of words on a website isn't going to solve my problem, and at this point in time, I don't see it so much as 'my' problem, just someone else's, to be frank. I guess I should be grateful that the burden appears to have gone, but I'm not a total arsehole, I do like to think "what if...", as I know I always had the best of intentions at heart. And in this case, the "what if" is "what if I was listened to?".

Blah, too much information. I'd trim it, but what the heck, my internet connection has been up and down all day (thank you, Tiscali, you incompetant twunts), and I've got work in a few hours. Despite being a writer, I just can't be arsed to trim down that above controversial paragraph, which will get me into trouble. Maybe later. At the moment, I feel good about what I've written. I'll have another look-see when I'm sober...

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